How to Wake Someone Up

My dad, for as long as I can remember, has had a big recliner, and has always fallen asleep in said recliner in front of the TV. Every night this happened.

I considered buying a big recliner recently. I chose not to, partly because we have cats, and spending too much on any one piece of furniture would be folly, and partly because pushing the recliner into its fully reclined position instantly made me sleepy.

Note from Missy: Oh, man, that sofa was SO COMFY to sleep on. I don’t remember the name of it; it’s an IKEA model that hasn’t been for sale in 10 years. It had one giant bottom cushion, a round backrest, and one metal-pole arm that you covered with a big bean-bag pillow. Sucked if you wanted to sit up straight, but oh, the epic naps I took on that beauty.


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