How to Project

It is difficult to talk in a loud voice to a large group of people without sounding angry, even when you have a microphone and a PA system. Just looking at either presidential candidate will show you that.

I can tell you from personal experience (gained by working at a certain theme park) that it’s even harder to project loud enough to be heard by hundreds of people, unamplified, then, as soon as you’re done with your announcement have some guy (it was always a guy in his late thirties to early forties) who is standing right in front of you (it was ALWAYS the guy literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME) immediately ask, “what was that again?” without getting genuinely angry at them.

Note from Missy: Seriously – middle-aged dads, especially in a theme park environment, are the worst. They love to bluster, argue, and show their families that they know way more than this common wage slave. Don’t be that guy, guys.


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