How to Win a Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors

Missy and I are the Inigo Montoya and Dread Pirate Roberts of Rock, Paper, Scissors. It will usually take us five rounds to find a winner.

In the first round we will both pick the same thing, rock, because you want to start from a position of strength.

Most people will move on to the thing that beats rock for round two. We’re both too clever for this, and to stick with rock would just be stubborn, so we both pick scissors.

The average person will move on to paper, as it has not been selected yet. We would never fall into that trap. So, we both choose rock again.

Now, and only now, will we both resort to paper.

Once all of the standard gambits have run their course, all bets are off. At that point she usually beats me.

Note from Missy: This is entirely true, often eerie, and makes for a good party trick.


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