How to Talk to a Sick Person

This was the third comic where I attempted to draw from a 3D model instead of a real person. I used the drawings I had a few more times, but I think this is when I gave up on the technique. It’s amazing how much effort I put into finding ways to not get good at drawing.

The first time I got food poisoning, it was after eating with another comedian in Green Bay (There was a great club in Green Bay. I always had a good time there). I was the middle act; he was the headliner. There was sort of a tradition that at some point during a weeklong club engagement the headliner would buy the middle dinner, and he offered to take me out that night. He, of course, had the right to choose where we would go. He picked a bar that advertised fifteen-cent buffalo wings.

Cheap chicken, cooked quickly, and smothered in a sauce that coincidentally disguises the color of blood. In retrospect, it would have been amazing if I hadn’t gotten sick.

Note from Missy: And now I want you to share the rest of the story. How far did you have to drive the next day to get to your next gig?

Note from Scott: We ate the wings on the last night of the engagement. The next night I had a “Showcase” (A.K.A. a set you do for free so a club owner can decide if he wants to hire you) in Minneapolis at an amazing club I desperately wanted to get into. I threw up along the side of the road in three different states in one day. By the time I did the showcase I was half delirious. I barely remember it now, but it was the best showcase of my entire career. The club owner hired me on the spot.


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