How to Threaten Vengeance

Really, any specific threat will be more effective than saying that you’ll “get” someone. “I’ll get you for this!” Even as a kid that seemed way to vague. I know, you’re thinking that the vagueness makes it more threatening, but being clear about your intentions will make the danger seem more real, since they’ll be able to picture the specific act you’re threatening.

Also, making said threat from atop a throne of skulls will help.

Looking at the first and fourth panels of this comic illustrated the fact that a drawing that looks okay tiny can look really jacked up when you zoom in. A less lazy cartoonist would have redrawn it, but we all know I don’t roll that way, when I can be bothered to roll at all.

Note from Missy: I always love when there’s punctuation profanity, so I can play the “what word is that replacing?” game. (Also, did you know that a set of punctuation used to replace profanity is known as a “grawlix”? (Cue The More You Know music.)


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