How to Exhibit Good Form

This comic is one of my favorites, and it’s one of the very few that I can clearly remember writing. That’s probably because instead of writing it sitting at my desk, staring at a blank Word document, chanting to myself, “come up with something, come up with something,” I wrote this sitting in the Orlando airport. We were flying back home to Seattle after Missy’s audition for what was essentially her dream job at Walt Disney World.

I got the idea for the comic, then I sat there at the gate and scratched the whole script out on my Palm Pilot. At that point, my daily site traffic was something like a few hundred unique visitors a day, which felt huge. As for Walt Disney World, we had hopes, but neither of us really expected Missy to get the job.

Less than three months later Basic Instructions was running in Seattle Weekly, we lived in Orlando, Florida, Missy had her dream job, and I was being trained at the Tower of Terror (which was then, and still is, my favorite ride). Three months after that (thanks in no small part to the intervention of Scott Adams), I was getting thousands of uniques a day. Three months after that I had a book deal with Dark Horse Comics.

Life can change pretty fast. This comic reminds me of that, because the guy who wrote it would have been shocked to see who he was nine months later, and both of them would be pretty surprised if they could see where I am now.


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