How to Avoid a Pointless Argument

The reaction to this comic gave me a harsh lesson in the malleability of words. Many people agreed with me about what constitutes barbecue, but far more did not, and many seemed to believe that I owed them a personal apology for forcing them to call me ignorant.

In several of my later comics I take the position that your life will become easier if you just accept that words mean what people think they mean, regardless of what the OED says. That attitude started here.

Note from Missy: AH! Now I see why we had a conversation yesterday about how my family prepared hot dogs when I was a kid. Yeah, the idea of boiling them makes me shudder. Grill all the way.

Also: I love the playing around with the bottom margin in the 3rd panel. Sadly, newspapers would hate this.

Note from Scott: Yeah, I had only just started playing with breaking the panel when I got picked up by Seattle Weekly, so I had to stop it.


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