How to Purchase Electronics

Rick wanted to buy his wife (at the time) a digital camera for Christmas. I went along, because he knew very little about electronics. We went to a big chain electronics store, pretty much the only one that's still in business from that time, and asked a salesperson where we'd find the specific model Rick wanted. Instead of telling us, he walked us to it, picked it up off of the shelf, did not hand it over to us, turned around so that his body blocked us from grabbing another one, and started badgering us about extended warranties with a big, smug smile on his face.

I told Rick, "As your attorney, I recommend that you not buy the extended warranty." (We have both read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas way too many times.)

The salesman said, "Oh, you're his attorney? Then tell me, is your client the kind of guy who likes to take unnecessary risks?"

I said, "No, he's the kind of guy who's going to be buying a camera at another store if you don't hand it over."

I usually avoid telling stories about the funny thing I said, but that story led directly to this comic, so it's relevant.

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