How to Play "Who Would Win"

Galactus has a longer stride. Now, if it were a motorcycle jumping contest, I’d back the Fonz.

Sadly, the second and third panels are both arguments I’ve had more than once. My older brother always insisted that the General Lee would win in a race against the Knight Rider. None of KITT’s many super powers would change his mind. Have I mentioned that he drives a Dodge Charger now?

The Thing has fought the Hulk, and the Hulk won. My problem with this is that The Thing is able to reason. The Hulk is just in a blind rage. The message in the Hulk’s victory is that rage beats reason. I cannot accept that. It’s possible that I’m taking this too seriously, but I refuse to accept that as well.

Note from Missy: My favorite part is how you imply that Dick Cheney is either Master or Blaster. 

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