How to Sign a Greeting Card at Work

Signing a birthday card for a coworker is a challenge. You have to think about what you write, and about what the thing you write says. Just signing the card is the minimum allowed, and as such is a bit of an insult. By just signing your name you’re basically adding yourself to a list of people who would rather not acknowledge the recipient at all, but are being forced to.

Writing “Happy Birthday” is little better, as several other people will have already written it, and, presumably, it’s written on the card. It says that you care enough to make a little extra effort, but not enough to think about it even for half a second.

I suggest writing either: “Good job surviving!” or “One year closer to the statute of limitations expiring!”

This comic marks the first mention of Jenkins, and the first appearance of Mullet Boss. Looking at it I gotta say, he is really poorly drawn.

Note from Missy: In Scott’s former life of stand-up comedy, he used the name “Jenkins” as the coworker that people don’t like. I’m fascinated that he didn’t have a face yet; just a name, and at this point he’s 50 years old. (The guy that ended up being the reference model was in his mid-20s.)

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