How to Shirk

For a time, between my comedy career and my Disney career, I worked in a corporate office in Seattle. My official title was Office Manager, but I referred to myself as the Office Monkey. Basically, my job was to get everybody the things they needed and assist everybody in whatever time I had left over. I learned a lot about how the real world works in that job, by observing my coworkers’ behavior and my own.

Some people were reasonable, and only asked for things they actually needed. Others took full advantage, and asked for things just to see if they could get them. Over time, I noticed that I tended to go the extra mile for those who only made reasonable requests, while those who tried to push it often ended up getting only the bare minimum that I could justify.

They say that in life you usually don’t get what you don’t ask for, and that is true. But just because you ask for something doesn’t mean that you’ll get it, or that you should.

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