How to Deal With Writer's Block

This is the first of several comics on the subject of writer’s block. What can I say? You write what you know.

I eventually set myself two rules. One was that comics about having writer’s block were not acceptable. The other was that having writer’s block was not acceptable. I know that sounds like I’m attempting to will away human weakness, but what it really means is that coming up with something—anything—is better than giving myself permission to come up with nothing. I realized that just because I made a comic, that doesn’t mean I have to post it. I could (and did) look at the comic I thought was just barely viable when I made it with fresh eyes before it went live. Often, it was much better than I remembered it being. A few needed to be reworked at the last minute. They all resulted in something useable in the end, and some of them turned out to be reader favorites. 

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