How to Make a Goal and Stick to It

In this Holiday Doodle, Missy demonstrates why it has often been a source of bitter irony that I am the one who has been considered to be a cartoonist, not her.

Now, on to business. I promised you an announcement, and an announcement you shall have!

If all goes according to plan, within the next week or two, my fourth book of Basic Instructions comics should be available. It is called Dignified Hedonism, and it’s different from my previous books in a few ways.

It is larger: It contains 146 comics (more than any of my previous books), and the book itself is larger, so much so that the individual comics are now almost the exact dimensions of the previous books’ covers.

It is cheaper: The paper version of the book will cost $9.99 on Amazon. This is substantially less expensive than the last book, and cheaper on a cost-per-comic basis than the two before.

It will be available digitally at launch: There will be a digital version, but rather than making it a native Kindle title, I’m going to try something different. For $4.99 (probably processed by a company that is neither Amazon nor Paypal, because I want to explore my options, and I know some of you have issues with those companies), you will get two DRM-Free PDF files, one high-rez, and a smaller one that can be easily loaded onto almost anything that can be used as an e-reader.

I don’t know yet if I’ll be offering signed copies of this book directly through my website. If I do, it will be only available to readers in the United States, as international shipping has become prohibitively expensive.

Thanks for your time. I’ll post more information when it’s available.