How to Help a Friend Answer Deep, Troubling Questions

Good news everybody, we have a new sponsor! For the next two weeks Basic Instructions is being brought to you by the good people at Diffen, the website where you can compare anything.

Diffen is one of those ideas you can’t believe you didn’t think of first. It looks like a search engine where you search for two things at once, but when you’ve entered your two searches, instead of web links, you’re given a very clean looking breakdown of how the two things are similar, and how they are different.

If you’re like me, your first thought was to compare two things you’re considering buying, but there are other possibilities. Diffen has been hard at work creating unbiased comparisons of the policies and histories of various politicians as a tool for the undecided voter.  Here are two examples. (Example 1, Example 2) Just like Wikipedia, you can create new comparisons or improve existing ones.

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