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I feel like I need to address the punchline of panel three. Basic Instructions is not a political comic. I want Basic Instructions to be a place you can come to get away from petty partisan bickering. Lately, I’ve been writing occasional jokes about hospitals. There’s no reason for this. I haven’t been sick or anything. Those are just the ideas that have occurred to me.

I don’t know how it is in other countries. I’ve only ever lived in the United States. It seems to me that jokes about doctors and hospitals being expensive are as old as … jokes. Writing this comic, I felt that if I didn’t make some mention of the bill it would be more obvious for its absence. I picture readers thinking “Ha, Meyer’s trying to dodge controversy. Wuss!” On the other hand, any mention of health care costs seems to ignite a debate in my comments section. I want people to be able to speak freely in my comments section. I got into this racket because I like writing humor, not because I wanted to spend a lot of time censoring people’s comments. But, again, I want Basic Instructions to be a “no bickering” zone.

So, that’s how we get panel three. A non-sequitur that breaks the fourth wall. I hope it’s not too jarring. Thanks for your indulgence, and for using my Amazon Affiliate links  (USUKCanada).