How to Maximize Your Investment

The subscriptions, donations and kind words continue to roll in. I just don't know what to say. I have to admit that yesterday I suffered some self-inflicted writers block. I was like a character in a bad sitcom who thought they were just talking to some guy with a microphone, then they realize they're on live TV and they freeze up.

Luckily, I got over it.

So, at last report we were just over 10% of the way to the goal. I'm amazed to be telling you we're now just over 20% of the way there!!

 Also, thanks to the donations I've been able to perform some minor upgrades to my equipment, and I'm getting in some copies of my first two books so I can start selling signed copies again!

Thanks again for all your support. If you're waiting for me to return an e-mail, please be patient. And please consider either subscribing, donating, sponsoring the site or using the Amazon links (US, UK and CANADA).