How to Sell the Unsellable

On my two most recent posts, I've omitted my usual mention of my Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada) to instead suggest that you donate to the Red Cross. Today, I'm also going to say something about my web host.

This site is hosted by Squarespace. I pay full price for my service, and have never received so much as a discount, nor have I asked for one, because I have been deliriously happy with them. The blogging software is easy to use and reliable, the templates are clean, attractive and easily customizable, and most importantly, the site NEVER GOES DOWN. I can get reddited, someone famous can tweet me. Nothing even seems to slow my site down. I get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, and for this, the deluxe package, I am charged $16 a month.

Why am I bringing this up now? Because Squarespace's servers are in Manhattan, and they had to resort to creating a bucket brigade to deliver diesel fuel to the 18th floor of their building to keep the servers serving. As a result of their hard work, my site didn't even slow down, which I think we can all agree, is about the least important thing that happened in New York this week.

If you're starting a blog, webcomic, or professional site of any kind, I urge you to consider Squarespace. Yes, there are ways to get your hosting for less, but none of them are even a fraction as good.