How to Share Your Enthusiasm

That phone, by the way, was a T-Mobile Shadow, and it was terrible.

It was an attempt to get the features of a smartphone without unnecessary extras like touch sensitivity, adequate memory, or a processor that could handle the load.

Here’s a fun little peek into life in the theme park industry. When I first started at Walt Disney World, cast members were not allowed to bring a cell phone on stage (that is, anywhere that a guest might see you). You had to either leave it in your car or put it in a locker. Later, they changed the rule, allowing you to have your phone in your pocket, but it had to be silenced and you could NEVER take it out on stage.

I know of at least one cast member who was fired for posting on Facebook on stage, in front of guests. After he was fired, he complained about it on Facebook, which was not surprising.

Anyway, my fellow cast members would sometimes look at me like I was insane because I kept my phone in a Ziploc bag. Later, when we’d get caught in the rainstorm that seems to hit Orlando every day of the summer at about three in the afternoon, they’d often ask me which size of Ziploc I recommended.


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