How to Assert Your Individuality

Really, (and I may have done a comic about this, it’s all a bit of a blur,) these sorts of cultural affiliations are sort of like the adult male equivalent of Garanimals.

Garanimals are (That’s right, not was, ARE! They still have a website and still sell kids clothes, mostly at Walmart, it seems.) a children’s clothing brand where all of the garments have a tag with a picture of an animal on them. If you pick a shirt and pants that have the same animal on the label you will know they go together. Wearing a lion shirt with lion pants is fine, but wearing a lion shirt with giraffe pants means that you had no fashion sense, which we all know is a terrible burden for a nine-year-old.

What I’m saying is that for an adult man, wearing a Seahawks shirt and a Seahawks hat is fine, or a Seahawks shirt and a Mariners jacket, if he wants to push it, but he knows that he can’t wear a Seahawks shirt and a Raiders jacket, because he’ll look ridiculous. The same goes for wearing a Harley jacket over a Honda shirt, or wearing anything with a Ferrari logo while driving any other car. Sadly, 99% of all Ferrari merchandise is worn in this manner. 


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