How to Camouflage an Unsightly Facial Blemish

Instead of coming from a photograph, the woman in panel 2 and the guy in panel 4 were drawn from a program that allows artists to manipulate and pose 3D models of people. That’s why they’re both in unrealistically good shape. There was a way to make the characters heavier, but they didn’t gain weight realistically. (Turns out many people use the program in question to make computer generated erotica. We truly do live in the future!)

In the end, I decided using the program was only a good idea if I wanted the comic to be populated with abnormally attractive people.

Note from Missy: Abnormally attractive, and weirdly robotic. Though I think those programs have improved in the 9 years since this was done.  (So the erotica is … more realistic, I guess?)


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