How to Entertain Out-of-Town Guests

I have a picture somewhere of me standing next to a Gorn. Not a real Gorn. There are no real Gorn. It was a fake Gorn. I do not have a picture of me standing next to Jonathan Frakes, not even a fake Jonathan Frakes.

I once nearly accosted two strangers at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame because one of them misidentified a life-sized model of Gort as Twiki. I’m still amazed at the restraint I showed.

The photos for the drawings of my mother were taken the first time she came to visit is in Florida. The scooter was a rental. I used to poo-poo scooters, but watching mom use that one changed my mind. If you’re going to any large theme park and any member of your party has the slightest issue that makes walking several miles difficult, I strongly suggest renting one. Not only does it make the scooter rider’s trip more enjoyable for them, because they can keep up, it makes everyone else’s trip more enjoyable, because the scooter rider can keep up.

Also, the scooter doesn’t care how many purses, coats, and souvenirs it carries. You essentially take the least mobile member of your party and turn them into a pack mule.


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