How to Tell Your Spouse About Your Day

Amongst my most cherished memories of my career as a stand-up comic was the time I was working with a comedy juggler, and the stage turned out to have a 6’5” ceiling. A tall man would have had to duck. I could stand upright, but couldn’t put my hands above my head. The juggler had to do his entire show barely throwing the balls into the air at all, meaning that his act was much more difficult than usual and much, much less impressive to watch. Good times.

There was another enjoyable evening when I worked with a magician who forgot to load his jacket with all of his props. His entire act that night consisted of him introducing a trick, patting his pockets, apologizing for not being able to do the trick, then moving on to the next trick, which he could not do. The only problem was that I had to follow him, and there was no nothing I could say that would be funnier than what he’d done.


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