How to Remember Names

A long time ago, when I was a comic, I was the middle act in a three person show somewhere in western Washington State.

The MC (the person who goes on first) was at the club when I got there. He introduced himself. I forgot his name almost as soon as he told me it. The MC went to the restroom, and while he was away the headliner (the person who goes up last) arrived. We said hello and caught up for a bit, then he asked about the MC. I told the headliner that the MC was in the restroom, and that I was embarrassed that I couldn’t remember the MC’s name.

The headliner said, “Don’t worry. I know exactly how to handle this.”

The MC came out. I introduced the headliner. The headliner shook the MC’s hand and said, “Meyer can’t remember your name.”

Good times.


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