How to Pitch a Movie Idea

I had mentioned Jenkins before this, but I had not shown him. Then I wrote this comic, and wanted a drawing of someone who looked like a famous filmmaker. Missy and I had a friend who looks a bit like George Lucas, so I exaggerated his hair to heighten the effect and used the drawings in this comic.

Later, I needed to show Jenkins. None of the fresh drawing I did looked any good (It may surprise few of you to learn that my art skills are fairly limited, and my drawings tend to be hit and miss). I had always liked these drawings and lamented the fact that I had no reason to ever talk to the film producer character again, so I came up with a half-assed story to explain why the film producer now worked in my office and called it good.

Note from Missy: I don’t think I’m alone here in being anxious to see the half-assed story. Because I totally don’t remember it.


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