How to Buy a Car

This comic is based directly on two different experiences I’ve had with car salesmen. Panel one comes from a time that I told a dealer that I was looking for a small hatchback with a manual transmission and air conditioning. He said, “I have just the thing,” and led me to a Chevy Beretta with an automatic transmission and no air.

Another time I told the salesman what I wanted to pay for the car, what interest rate I wanted, and how much I could put down. He wrote it all down then went to “discuss it with his manager.”

When he came back he said that he had good news, they could give me the car for a higher price, at a higher interest rate, and all I’d have to do was make a larger initial down payment.  I told him that this was not good news, and that he’d failed to deliver any of the things I’d wanted. He told me, “Sir, you have to be flexible.” I told him exactly what I say in the third panel of this comic, and to this day the memory of it makes me proud.


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