How to Write a Self-Evaluation

I wrote this comic while I was working at a corporate office. The Mullet Boss character wasn’t really based on any one specific person, and his look was basically me with a poorly drawn moustache, chin, and mullet.

After I wrote this comic and put it on my site, the office got a new boss. He was a guy from Arkansas who tended to wear suit jackets but no ties. I always got along well with him.

Later, Basic Instructions started running in Seattle Weekly. The editor selected this comic as the first one to run, even though it was a few weeks old at that point. I was absolutely delighted, right up until I had to have the awkward conversation with my new boss explaining how I had written the comic before I’d even met him. (He didn’t have a moustache or a mullet, but as I said, he was from Arkansas, which made him sort of sensitive about both of those hair choices.)

Question from Missy: Didn’t he still believe that it was based on him anyway? And he kind of liked that?

Note from Scott: Yeah, he never truly bought it, but it seemed to amuse him.


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