How to Calm a Friend Down

The first square comic! We’re slowly zeroing in on the comic’s final form. This is also the first place I used the idea of freaking “all the way out,” which is an idiom I still use in conversation to this day. 

Also, this is another comic that was obviously written about Rick, even though I was still too squeamish to attribute it to him in the comic. If memory serves, he read this one and knew it was about him. That’s one of my favorite things about the guy. He has no illusions as to his place in the universe.

Note from Missy: Here we enter 2007, and at the time, we were probably both freaking all the way out. After receiving a job offer, we had one month (January) to quit our Seattle jobs, pack up our lives, find an apartment in Florida, and get us and the cats and a car and our stuff moved out there. It was definitely a time of stress.

Also! I know that in the last few years, Scott tried his hardest to get the narration to never go over two lines per panel. I’m interested to watch these progress and see if that tightening-up happens suddenly, or over a long period of time. :)


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