How to Give a Kid a Story They'll Tell for the Rest of Their Life

As with many of my comics, this one was based directly on a real conversation. The difference is that in this case I was the one saying something insane.

I suggested to a friend that we do this very thing. That we tell his kids that I’d challenged him to a trip around the world. That we make a big deal out of leaving. Then we’d part company, and he’d leave town on business, or whatever it was he was going to go do. When he got back to town, I’d pick him up at the airport with two suitcases covered with tourist stickers and two fake moustaches. I’d drive him home then park the car somewhere out of site and run the rest of the way on foot. He declined my offer, even though I said I’d let him win.

Note from Missy: This might be the first appearance of future-people. (When we’ll all wear … discs? Around our necks and sleeves? Can’t wait until we get farther into the future, when the codpieces show up.) I love the stickers on Scott’s suitcase here: five flavors of Disneyland, and Reno

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