How to Hide Your Scorn

The second Rick appearance!

This one is a bit unfair, in that he’s actually just as big a Star Trek fan as I am. But he’s also a baseball fan, which I am not.

I still say that sports fandom and sci-fi fandom are two sides of the same coin. One group watches people playing pretend, then buys merchandise and wears clothing related to the characters they identify with. The other group watches people playing a game, then buys merchandise and wears clothing related to the players they identify with.

I’m just saying, me shouting at the TV when I saw the last 30 seconds of “The Best of Both Worlds: Part 1” is no more pathetic than my father shouting at the TV because Jim Zorn couldn’t complete a pass. Less pathetic, really. At least Picard becoming a Borg was a surprise.

On an unrelated note, “Scorn Spiral” would make a great name for an album by an emo band.

Note from Missy: Growing up in Seattle, Jim Zorn was the football player whose name I knew the best, probably because of how often people shouted it with rage. Also: definitely the bald dude.

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