How to Deal with a Crazy Spouse

This comic is based on a true story. NOT a story about my marriage, I might add. Someone else I know had their spouse act openly hostile for an entire morning. When asked why they were being hostile, the spouse explained that my acquaintance had been mean to them in a dream the night before. This was (I’m told) given as if it was a perfectly logical reason. My memory is that my friend pleaded that they have no control over what happens in another person’s dream, to which their spouse replied, “Oh, so it’s all my fault?” The spouse laughed as they said this, seeing that they were being silly, but still, that was a morning wasted.

The best move I ever made was marrying someone sane.

Note from Missy: 5 stars for the commentary! However, 1.5 stars for the artwork on this one. Also, the website called out along the bottom no longer exists—we let the hellomeyer domain expire, and now it’s been picked up by someone else who writes bafflingly-worded blog posts about the music business.

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