How to Maintain a Secret Identity

El Destructo … What to say about El Destructo.

See, way back when, like in the late ’90s, before Luchadores had gone mainstream (or at least as close as they’ve gotten in this country), I happened to gain possession of a Luchador mask, and on a few occasions I turned up at the open mic night of my local comedy club performing under the name El Destructo. El Destructo’s act wasn’t very good. Every bit ended with him threatening violence against someone and yelling “Viva El Destructo!”

What can I say? Part of figuring out what’s funny is figuring out what isn’t.

I still have the mask. I also have a copy of the mask worn by El Santo. It’s a funny thing. You buy a lightsaber, and what you get is a nonfunctioning toy or replica of what you saw on the screen. If you buy a Captain America shield, same thing. You buy a Santo mask, you have an item that functions every bit as well as the one you saw in the movie. And, as an added bonus, soon starts to smell exactly how you always imagined Santo’s mask smelled.

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