How to Engage in Banter

You have to be very careful who you attempt to banter with. If you’re lucky a poorly thought out attempt at banter will just end with the other person looking hurt and walking away. It can go much worse. I once witnessed a married friend trying to recover from having said something that his wife had clearly not taken as a joke by saying, “It’s just repartee, baby!” It did not work.

Note from Missy: I think this is the first member of my old improv group, Jet City Improv, to appear in the comic. Ethan here currently goes under the name The Ginger Runner, and is a hell of a great guy.

Also, this banter is fairly tame compared to our actual banter back in the day. I don’t know that I can write our favorite greeting with Ethan, because it’s not terribly family-friendly.

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