How to Curse Without Cursing

In retrospect, I should have called him a mother f-er. I do use great googly-moogly occasionally. Lately I’ve taken to calling people carpet-baggers. It’s historical, colorful, and sounds vaguely dirty.

He called me a carpet bagger. What’s a carpet bagger? Someone who has a “carpeted” “bag”? Someone who “bags” “carpets”? That might be a compliment, maybe. Either way, it’s filth of the highest order!

Note from Missy: I’m totally charmed by the fact that all of the cursing and name-calling is happening during a hearty handshake of greeting. Also, a little “inside baseball” for the readers: Truly, Scott rarely ever swears. I’ve seen him injure himself and shout out, “That’s unfortunate!”


Hey, in case you're interested, I (This is scott again, btw) did an interview with a radio station in Pennsylvania, 98.7 “The FREQ.” It’s available on their website, if you want to hear what I sound like … from a great distance … while gargling. The phone connection wasn’t the best.

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