How to Get Sympathy when Injured

This comic was written after my motorcycle accident.

Oh, by the way, I had a motorcycle accident. I call it a motorcycle accident, though it would be more accurate to call it a scooter accident, but that doesn’t sound as good. A motorcycle accident sounds like I was jumping over some buses and I didn’t stick the landing. A scooter accident sounds like I hit a loose cobblestone on my way into the village to buy a bottle of Chianti.

I never got on another bike again after that. I still appreciate them as objects, but I totally lost my nerve.

In other news, this is Missy’s first appearance in the comic!

Note from Missy: Yay, me! Also, more detail on the scooter accident. While traveling straight across an intersection, an elderly man in an elderly land-yacht coming the other way turned left into Scott. The old man’s statement was that he didn’t see the bright-yellow scooter crossing the road because he was somehow dazzled by the headlights on oncoming traffic. We never did figure out why seeing oncoming headlights made it seem like the perfect time to turn left across that oncoming lane.

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