How to Make History Come alive


My wife, Missy, has written a book. I've read it, and I enjoyed it a great deal. Here's what she has to say about it:

A lot of writing advice boils down to: write the book you want to read.  So that's what I did with We Could Be Villains. It's primarily a lighthearted action/adventure story, with elements of superheroes, sci-fi, heists, and chick lit. (If you've read any of Scott's books, you already know that ours is not a household dealing in super-serious dramatic works.)


At first I referred to it as "a geek girl beach read," but half of the early readers were guys who enjoyed it. Plus, beach reads were more of a thing back in June, when I started writing. Anyhoo, if it sounds like something you might enjoy, the book is currently available on Kindle, with the paper version coming in the next week or two (it takes more time to get the print formatting just right).  And it's available through Kindle Unlimited as well.