How to Spot an Insincere Apology

Look, I’m new to this self-publishing thing, so please keep that in mind when I say: if you’re one of those who were waiting to buy my book from the Google Play store, but have not yet purchased it in another format, please wait a few more days. I know I said the book would not be available on Play, but I have been contacted by someone from the Play Store, and we’re working on the problem.  They’ve been very pleasant and helpful about the situation, and I have been assured that they are revamping their entire publisher interface in an effort to make it less confusing. If you were waiting for the Play store, then went ahead and bought a copy elsewhere because I told you to, I’m sorry, but on the bright side, the Play version will likely be a bit more expensive than the Kindle and Nook editions.

Thanks for your patience, and for using my Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada).