How to Explain Your Unique Interests

If you have to explain a joke, your time would be better spent writing a different joke. That said:

QI is an excellent show on the BBC where the host, Stephen Fry, and an ever-changing panel of guests, always including Alan Davies, discuss interesting trivia from science and history. It sounds dry, but it’s the most consistently funny show I’ve ever seen. The show is tremendously successful, but it does not air in America, and I don’t know of any plans for an American version (though I think John Hodgman would make a great host). I'm not going to link to it for fear of causing someone legal problems, but if you search YouTube for "QI," you can usually find some samples.

The Prisoner was a British TV series about a man kept in a nonsensical prison and tormented by a different jailer each week. One of the tools used against the Prisoner was a lethal automaton called Rover.

Basic Instructions is a self-indulgent, wordy web comic made by a man who has watched far too much TV, and who is grateful to you for using his Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada).