How to Help Someone Prepare for a Job Interview

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has thought to use my Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada)!

Secondly, I'm delighted to announce that as of today, and for the next two weeks, Basic Instructions is being sponsored by Snakehead Games, the makers of the MMOs Star Pirates and Spy Battle 2165.

They asked if I would check out their games and share my impressions. I am not an experienced MMO player; I've never even tried World of Warcraft.

Both games are free to play and are primarily text-based, with occasional still images to help set a mood. This may seem a bit dated, but it has some distinct advantages. There are no files to install. Both games run entirely in your web browser. The text-only interface allows your mind to fill in the blanks, and also the lack of the sound of explosions and automatic weapons allows your spouse to sleep. I did some testing and they both seem to run rather nicely on an iPad’s mobile browser.

I had an enjoyable afternoon trying out both games. They both have a lively social element. The primary interface for both is a combination e-mail inbox and chat window. They kind of reminded me of the old multi-user dungeons from back when the internet was new. I spent more time in Spy Battle 2165 than I did in Star Pirates. At the beginning of the game I was a fledgling spy, living in my mom’s basement. My chief adversaries were a rat and an appliance. This was the game trying to start me out slow. In time you do move on to larger adversaries. (Other real people … not larger rodents and appliances.) When I reached level three I was issued a knife and a martini!

Anyway, if you enjoy MMOs and want something a little different, please consider giving Spy Battle 2165 and Star Pirates a try. Even if not, please join me in thanking Snakehead Games for their support.