How to Decide Which Star Wars Character You Are Most Like

Obi Wan was the worst Jedi of all time.

His mentor ditched him for a kid.

He watched, helpless, stuck behind a force field as that mentor was killed.

He took over training the kid, Anakin, who kept sassing back and disobeying him.

He was ordered to capture Jango Fett. Fett got away.

He watched, helpless, pinned under debris as Count Dooku cut off Anakin’s hand. Yoda had to save them both.

He got knocked out and didn’t see the future emperor goading Anakin into executing Count Dooku. Anakin then saved Obi Wan by carrying his unconscious bulk.

Anakin, his Padawan, who he chose to train over Yoda’s objections, turned evil and wiped the Jedi out.

He goes to kill Anakin. He chooses to leave him alive, but angry.

He goes to Tatooine to “watch over” Luke.

He finds Luke unconscious after he’s been attacked.

He keeps Luke busy talking about light sabers and Imperial troop blast patterns while Luke’s aunt and uncle, who raised him, are being burned to death.

He travels to Alderaan as quickly as he can, and arrives right after the planet has been destroyed.

He drops the Death Star’s tractor beam, but gets Killed by Darth Vader, A.K.A. Anakin, A.K.A. the kid he trained.

He tells Vader, “Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” Vader strikes him down. Obi Wan spends the next two movies demonstrating his new powers Vader couldn’t imagine: the power to talk and emit a faint blue glow.

Note from Missy: Hey, at least he got that tractor beam down.


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